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Insulating Brick Veneer With No Weep Holes

justiny | Posted in General Questions on
My home is a 1940s brick veneer located in zone 4a without any exterior wall insulation and the wall configuration is, starting from the exterior: brick veneer > air gap? > asphalt gypsum board sheathing > old growth wooden stud walls >  rock-lathe plaster. I have done a lot of research online, especially here, and my closest thing to an answer is the thread located here:

I intend on insulating my attic as well as my rim joist, and optimally I would like to insulate my walls. For the walls, I’d like to drill and fill them with dense-packed cellulose, but I am curious if there would be moisture issues in this wall configuration. I have made some access holes as I’ve been redoing electrical throughout the house and none of the exterior walls appear to have any signs of moisture on the sheathing or the studs.

Alternatively, I can tear down the plaster on the exterior walls, fill with rock wool batts, and then hanging drywall. However, the moisture concern is still present.

I see no signs of weep holes after doing a full walk-around and inspecting for them. The thread linked mentioned above says that adding weep holes, even without flashing, would be a good thing, but I’ve read plenty of opposing opinions arguing the opposite. By introducing weep holes in a home that was not created with them in mind, you’ll introduce an entryway for moisture without flashing or a rain screen. I’d love to hear more opinions regarding this.


Thanks in advance!

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