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Insulation above staircase from first floor to second floor.

Bmaedl | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all – first winter in a fixer-upper has been as swell as imagined. Previous DIY’er finished the attic (3rd floor) and added insulation directly to the roof leading up to the Gable and then finished it off with covering with drywall. After digging in to fix (add baffles and remove insulation from the actual roof), in the area between the kneewall and where the attic floor meets the roof, i can literally see down to the staircase that brings you from the first floor to the second floor. Of course, no insulation on the exterior wall and no insulation in that gap. My question, what is the correct structure above the staircase? Insulate the exterior wall of course but should there be a layer of insulation above that staircase as well? (Parallel to the ground). There are no rooms above the staircase but the interior wall connects to the bedroom closet / wall which are always freezing, so it makes sense. Also, assuming there should be a “floor / roof” where the second floor meets the 3rd? Closing the visibility from the attic down the staircase? 

Any insight / visual guides anyone has come across is greatly appreciated. Looking to make the house very efficient as a selling point. 

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. PAUL KUENN | | #1

    Good day Brent!

    Many of us would help but we need more defined. Where are you located (zone)? Gable refers only to the triangle end where wall meets roof. Do you mean ridge? Sounds like the previous owner tried to make a cathedral ceiling by covering rafters. Maybe it was left open to heat the 3rd story? A picture would certainly help in the case of the stairwell. Looking forward to answers once we have a better picture of the scene of the crime.

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