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Is the new Foam Sealant product by Owens Corning effective as an air sealant and safe for human health?

aqgjZia5yM | Posted in Webinar Follow-up Q&A on

I am working on a project for a client who has a home on the bay just north of Galveston Island,on the mainland .
This is an existing 4 year old house. As it is positioned it receives on the South face of the house a wind from the South which is super saturated with moisture.

In the attic,we have had a lot of problems with this moisture laden air infiltrating through the most minimal of openings,cracks and even between where the sheetrock and the side of the top plate touch.There is also a negitive pressure existing within the envelope of the house.

We are looking for an appropriate approach to seal the ceiling of the 2nd floor from the attic
side so that we can completely seal the open attic from the climatized envelope of the house.
The home has been plagued with mildew problems generated by air movement penetration
through the attic ceiling and finding its way into the main frame of the home.

We are concerned about the use of using the closed cell polyurethane foam for :
1)Possible health related issue concerns,The resident has aesmha
2)Its highly flamable charicteristics
3) The unknown possibilities of off gassing and for how long that may/could occur and sensitization issues

I have found a reatively new Foam sealant Product from Owens Corning which is a Latex Acrylic.
It is designed only as an air sealant,and is to be used in conjuction with either a cellulose or a fiberglass as the insulation .

I am looking for a healthy effective solution for my clients home .

Does anyone have any knowledge and 1st hand experiance with this product ?

Please share this with us!

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