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Is there a quality difference between theses solar panels?

alan72 | Posted in General Questions on

Is there a quality difference between theses solar panels? Performance, warranty, maintenance, etc. Anything else I should consider?

SunPower SPR-E20- 327-C-AC (327 watt)

Panasonic HIT VBHN330SA17 (330 watt)

I have 2 quotes and the price difference is pretty close – Sunpower is a little more.

I know there is a debate about the inverter – string with optimizers v micro inverters.  Weighing the options, I like the microinverters.  Both quotes use Enphase micro inverters.  I will also have a battery system.


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  1. joenorm | | #1

    I am not familiar with the Panasonic panel but I am assuming it is not an "AC" module like the Sunpower. Meaning the Micro-inverters will be field installed with the modules. One warranty for the panel, one for the Inverter.

    SunPower has a factory installed inverter that is covered under the same warranty as the module. And the warranty is typically the best in the industry.

    With quotes being close to equal, I'd go with Sunpower all the way.

  2. alan72 | | #2

    This Panasonic panel has the micro inverter integrated in to the unit from the factory. They made some kind of deal with Enphase to supply the units.

    I'll have to verify the warranties - parts and labor for each quote. I'm also making sure that I have the ability to monitor each panel through wifi myself - I hear the Enphase app isn't pretty but it's functional.


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