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Multi-slide vs. lift-and-slide patio doors vs multi-fold?

autrekong | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hi, does a multi-slide have similar energy performance (air infiltration) to a lift and slide or is it more in-line with a traditional slider? It seems like multi-panel sliding doors use rollers like lift and slides do, and at least the first operating panel (in some cases?) seemsto have similar lift-up-then-roll action, but it’s not clear to me if second, third, fourth etc panels are permanently elevated (always rolling) or if they somehow lift up and slide as well. (the latter would presumably perform better, like a single lift & slide panel).

Quick edit to this, would multi-fold (bi-fold) generally be considered better sealing than lift and slide? Also with multi-folds, is having an operable single door against a panel (rather than against a jamb) usually an air infiltration problem?

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  1. Peter Yost | | #1

    Hi K -

    Testing windows and doors for air tightness is unfortunately not required by the NFRC. I would go with the manufacturer or consider manufacturers that have tested for air tightness and report in on their NFRC label.


  2. autrekong | | #2

    OK So I did some research into this and got numbers from Marvin and also SolarInnovations. The SolarInnovations numbers are on their site-
    Their Lift-Slide-Door (multi-panel) air infiltration test value is 0.02 CFM/sqft at 1.57PSF and 0.07 CFM/sqft at 6.24PSF. Their standard Sliding-Door (multi-panel) air infiltration test value is 0.14CFM/sqft, so there is quite a difference there.

    It's still not clear to me how the middle panels lift-up in a lift and slide configuration, i.e. how are they actuated if the handle is only connected to the first panel.

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