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Log Home BC – Martin Holladay – Leslie and Mark

user-5594283 | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Hi Martin:

Thank you for your prompt reply! I am panicking right now – It never crossed my mind that I can’t soffit vent a cross gable roof!!! So now my Final Question is: Given that this is a Log Home in Zone 6 in South Eastern BC, Canada – What would be your professional recommendation for insulating this type of roof to maximise energy efficiency, minimise and form of condensation given the fact that we will go with a standing seam metal roof – The house is 40×60 and because of the long spans we will have to use I-Joists? Do we still need a vapour barrier above the T& G Decking. We will not be installing any Pot Lights in the ceiling – we will run outlets from the Log Ridge Pole 18″ in Diameter and use floor and wall lighting to minimise e any ceiling penetrations. The only penetrations we will have will be the plumbing vents and the stainless steel chimney vents from the main and second floor fireplaces. We are environmentally conscious – but it is my understanding that with an unvented roof we will to insulate the joist with closed-cell polyurethane to prevent air leakage and moisture problems. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day just before Christmas to answer these questions. Leslie and Mark Kozlowski, Delta, BC Canada

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Please don't create a new thread for follow-up questions. Please post your follow-up questions on the first thread you started. I will move this follow-up question where it belongs.

    Here is a link to the first thread, where all follow-up questions and future comments should be posted: Help! Building a log home in southeastern British Columbia.

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