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Looking for a filler for wood flooring

JohnnyO46 | Posted in General Questions on

My renovation/addition of a 37-year-old summer camp included installation of radiant heat and sanding of the existing yellow pine flooring. The structure had never been heated until this season and I expected some shrinkage. Now two months into the heating season, the gaps, though spaced 18″ to 3′ apart, are predominately 1/8″ with one 6′ length at 3/16″. Obviously, I underestimated the moisture content of the wood.

I would appreciate input on whether a reliable, flexible filler is available that will be compatible with the clear, Bona Mega Traffic finish that I used.

Thank you,

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    One of the charms of old pine flooring is the gapping between the boards. It's a look. It's authentic. That's what the flooring is supposed to look like. Don't try to fill in the gaps with any kind of product. Remember, these boards will swell every summer and shrink every winter.

    If you don't like the look, install a different kind of flooring.

  2. charlie_sullivan | | #2

    "If you don't like the look, install a different kind of flooring."

    Or a throw rug over the worst of it.

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