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Tape for Foil-Faced Foam Board Seams

h4x | Posted in General Questions on

Good afternoon everyone,
We will be installing foil faced foam insulation for our roof which will be acting as a radiant barrier. I’m having a hard time finding a foil tape that is rated for use in this application. Specifically, we’ll be using Halo Exterra insulation, and they recommend a few different tapes for sealing seams on their boards. Unfortunately, I’m unable to procure the Halo branded seam tape. Some of the other tapes I have found are not for use in roof assemblies. In a worst-case scenario, I’ll just use an approved non-foil seam tape. Anyone have a recommendation?

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    Nashua 324A. Home Depot stocks it. Works great, and not too expensive. I've used it to tape foil faced polyiso many times. I did have an issue once with some kind of oil film on the polyiso that made the tape not stick very well, but I was able to wipe it off with isopropyl alcohol and then the tape stayed stuck.


    1. h4x | | #2

      Thanks Bill,
      My biggest concern was in the longevity of a tape being used in a roof assembly...however, the operating temp for the 324A maxes out at 325* F, which seems reasonable. I know that one of the tapes I was looking at (I forget the brand) had a note from the mfg that if used in a roof assembly, over time the tape would wrinkle and bunch up, thus causing issues...very specifically, they said DON'T use in a roof. This was due to the adhesive that they were using (some sort of rubberized asphalt). This Nashua has an acrylic adhesive that should withstand that.

      1. Expert Member

        I'll throw a second vote for the Nashua tapes on the foil facers. It's not coming off, without part of the insulation at least. Just roll it like all the other tapes.

        1. h4x | | #4

          Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

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