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LUNOS fans for whole house ventilation

Yoshibear | Posted in Building Code Questions on

So I read as well as the couple of podcasts on ventilating a small house. I am working on an 1150 open plan (loft) house and trying to determine ventilation. IRC 2018 requires minimum 30cfm or 45 if 2 bedrooms (am gonna shoot to get it coded as 1 but not sure). When I lookup the LUNOS fans ( it says: “Three flow rate settings of low, medium and high with ventilation rates of 10/15/20 CFM or 9/18/22CFM”
I chatted w their support and they seem to suggest this would work but how? If they work in tandem wouldn’t the pair do 22cfm max?  How would I achieve 45? 

Thank you!

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Lunos E2 operate in tandem so one pair moves up to 22 cfm. To get ~45 cfm, you would need to use two pair. I'm fairly certain that you can wire both pairs together, so they are running and alternating direction at the same time, but if you have them in separate parts of the house--such as on different floors--they can be wired as separate pairs.

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