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Marvin Integrity triple-pane glass?

Jesse Lizer | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I was poking around on the NFRC website looking up some ratings, and I noticed under Marvin, they have an Integrity window option in a triple pane window. The ratings are quite good (u= low .20-23) which is quite a bit lower then Marvin’s tripane, which tells me they are using fiberglass instead of aluminum clad.
Does anyone know anything about these, and if they do exist currently? I have search everywhere but can not find anything about these other then on the NFRC website.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Here's a reference to triple glazing on a Marvin web page: "Marvin offers a High-R glazing option in some product types with wood windows that includes triple glazing with two low-e coatings and argon gas-fill." (

    That's pretty vague, I must admit.

  2. Bob Coleman | | #2

    sounds like a case where a manufacturer makes a one-off high end product to then tout that products specs when advertising the entire line

  3. Pete Marthaler - Zone 7 | | #3

    Are you sure it was an Integrity window? I have been looking at Integrity windows myself and have only noticed double panes. To add to that, I just spoke with an Integrity Window rep at a local home and builder show recently, and I specifically asked when they were going to add Tri-panes to the Integrity line. He informed me it would be a loooong time before that happened. There just isn't the demand. Additionally, Marvin's Integrity frames are not insulated (Integrity windows are fiberglass though).

  4. Jesse Thompson | | #4

    I've heard there is indeed an Integrity triple pane coming, and an Anderson A-Series triple coming as well, which would both be great additions to our available product. If I was about to release a window for sale, I would sure make sure I had all the NFRC testing complete before I started advertising U-values...

  5. Jesse Lizer | | #5

    My Marvin rep just emailed me that the Integrity line is now available in the Marvin tri-pane glass. I tried seaching for something official from Marvin, but could not find anything yet. I will have him send me any additional information or publications.

  6. 5C8rvfuWev | | #6

    In Alex Wilson's blog here at GBA on 5/24

    he wrote this in his coverage of the AIA cons:

    Marvin Integrity windows with triple glazing

    For years I keep asking the largest window manufacturers when they will be introducing higher-performance products. Finally my wishes came true with Marvin’s fiberglass Integrity line. I learned at the Marvin booth that the company will be rolling out a triple-pane version of its popular Integrity line around the end of the second quarter of this year, though one of the Marvin reps in the booth allowed as to how that target date might slip.

    There is nothing yet on the Marvin website about this window, so I haven’t been able to examine performance specifications, but I think it will be a good choice for budget-conscious home builders and homeowners. It won’t match the high-end European Passive House windows in performance, but it will still be pretty good. Like most other fiberglass windows, the Integrity line is a fiberglass-polyester composite. A nice feature of the Integrity line is that only the exterior is fiberglass; the interior is wood, providing a nicer, warmer feel.

  7. Jesse Thompson | | #7

    Our local rep told us to budget ~$10 extra per square foot for the triple upgrade. Haven't seen an actual sample yet, but imagine it won't look much different at all than their double glazed product.

  8. Jesse Lizer | | #8

    I have not recieved my quote yet on the window package, but $10 seems kind of high. I know Eagle and Kolbe triple pane upgrades are not that much. With that being said, the tripane upgrade on the Marvins is very high. I wonder if they will use the same hardware (Truth I think?) or upgrade to something stronger on the tripane for the Integrity as part of the cost increase.
    He also indicated he thinks the ebony color will be added to the wood ultrex line as well, which would be great. Still no idea why they do not offer it.

  9. Jesse Lizer | | #9

    I just got my estimate. I need to talk with my rep. If I am reading it correctly, the tripane adds a great deal to the base price. (list). Example- 30x48 casement- list base is 427, tripane add is 225, total unit is 697. Multipliers in this area range from .6-.75. I was hoping they would be lower then that. this puts them in line with....Inline.

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