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Meeting insulation requirements

MXcreek | Posted in Building Code Questions on

Under what circumstances can an addition be added (NYS) that will simply act as a cold storage space not need to meet insulation requirements.  The addition would only have an entrance from the outside.  I can opt for a screen room but need walls for security.   Thanks.

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  1. CramerSilkworth | | #1

    Spaces not containing "conditioned space" are exempted under R402.1 in the ECC.

    "Conditioned space" is defined as: "An area or room that is enclosed within the building thermal envelope and that is directly or indirectly heated or cooled using fossil fuel or electricity as the energy source. Spaces are indirectly heated or cooled where they communicate through openings with conditioned spaces, where they are separated from the conditioned spaces by uninsulated walls, floors or ceilings, or where the contain uninsulated ducts, piping or other sources of heating of cooling using fossil fuel or electricity."

  2. MXcreek | | #2

    Thank you, that's great news but are there codes that would require me to make the addition a "conditioned space" thus triggering the insulation requirements?

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