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Mini Split for an Off Grid Cabin in Zone 6B

rockies63 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hello, so I’m thinking of adding a mini split to my off grid cabin near Nelson BC (zone 6B).

What are they latest thoughts on running a mini split on solar PV? Have cold climate mini splits improved enough to be effective? The cabin itself is 520 sq’ with one large room (190 sq’) and a separate bathroom, entry and bedroom (no cathedral ceilings).

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  1. Trevor_Lambert | | #1

    There are Mini splits that work very well in zone 6, but running one off solar PV is another matter. The amount of panels and batteries you'd need probably makes it impractical.

  2. tallpinescabin | | #2

    What's the motivation for a mini-split here? Do you NEED cooling in that climate zone? Or just heating? Off grid makes things a little trickier for sure.

  3. walta100 | | #3

    Not just to say no it can not work but I see lot obstacles to overcome.

    A pure solar system with battery backup large enough to run a heat pump and lighting 24/7 thru a cold cloudy week of the short days in January just seem unbelievably large and expensive with today technology.

    Does will the cabin have another heat source say a wood stove or an oil furnace?

    Will there be a backup generator on this system?

    Do you happen to work for a battery or solar company that is giving away systems to employees?


  4. Jon_R | | #4

    I can't imagine it being cost effective. But if you want to anyway, I'd use an air to water heat pump plus a water tank so that the it can provide heat while the sun isn't shining.

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