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Minisplit head: Max height

Yeldog | Posted in General Questions on

Any recent information on the subject of head heights?  Found a couple old discussions ….  The general lack of reliable information in the HVAC industry is amazing  —  mini-splits especially. I’m not new to using them in my personal projects — but, I have an odd situation with my current project. When does it get too high 

I have a two story addition at the back of my current project — the upper level is the kitchen w/ cathedral ceiling (lots of windows) — large three sided stairway down to a lower level bathroom/ entryway.  The building is basically two large rooms open on three sides with walk out doors at two levels Have decorative/ functional collar ties that get in the way if I mount at what I figured was about ideal …  8.5′  (bottom of unit)

Looks like I will be pushing 10′ or more as in the included picture  — this would be a Mitsubishi 18k hyper. My fear is if I go too high even angled down it’s going to throw all the air down the steps.  Also — pushing supplemental heat from that height

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  1. joshdurston | | #1

    Well you should certainly use a remote sensor (you have several options from Mitsubishi) to make sure the unit references temperature at the occupied level rather than the return inlet.

    Also I have a FH and it won't hold max down angle on the vanes in cooling. It reverts to a higher position eventually. I think this has something to do with condensation on the vanes.

    It's hard to picture what you're taking about regarding the stairs.

    Perhaps you could install a slim duct unit vertically against the wall and use a minimal amount of duct work to get good air distribution that you're concerned about.

    You have to install the unit in a way that is serviceable for filter changes and occasional cleanings.

  2. Yeldog | | #2

    How do they do the remote sensor.

    The picture showing the wall with the mini is the back wall of the existing structure --- the sketch-up is showing the new addition and thats all the windows and the stairs.

    I had not noticed the head not staying down .... I typically leave them on the eye setting where it avoids people .. or the natural. They work so well -- I rarely pay with them

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