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Mitsibishi Smart Multi and Mitsubishi Intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel

paul_iowa | Posted in General Questions on

Hey All,

I’m wondering if anyone has direct experience with two newish Mitsubishi products.  The first is the new Smart Multi 36-48k H2i multi zone compressors.  Really impressive HSPFs and temp-specific COPs, but the same high min-modulation levels.  Has anyone used them?  Have they corrected some of the issues associated with multi zone units in general like control issues, refrigerant bleeds through unused indoor heads, and poor performance with shoulder season heating? Any real world knowledge of how these are better than their predecessors?   

And the other question is their new Intelli-HEAT dual fuel setup.  Looks pretty fantastic, or at least so for those of us in cold climates looking to tiptoe into electrified space heating. And the fact you can pair with with a multi zone compressor is really cool. Ducted heat pump-AC swaps don’t solve issues with cooling second floors, especially in old houses or those with poorly designed ducting.  Having the ability to add a ductless head for hard to reach spots in addition to the main dual fuel coil seems pretty great.

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  1. tkzz | | #1

    Hey I’m wondering if you found out much about the intelliheat coils ? I’m going to replace my 28 year old hvac system with a new hybrid system and this sounds good to me…I’ll need a new furnace as well.

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