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Mitsubishi Outdoor Unit Modulation Range (and other specs)

nexp | Posted in General Questions on

I’m looking to install a 1:1 minisplit in a renovated walk-out basement that is primary living space in zone 4A with a design day temp of 17. Architect and HVAC contractor’s current thinking is a Mitzubishi MLZ slim ceiling cassette. I see the hyperheat outdoor unit for this is the SUZ-KA09NAHZ. I’m concerned because the specs for this unit show a very small modulation range. Rated heat capacity is 12,000 btu/h, and minimum capacity is 8,000 (the cooling minimum is oddly better at 4,800). The non hyper-heat version shows a minimum of 4,000 btu/h. The MSZ high-wall head MSZ-FS09NA & MUZ-FS09NAH combo shows much better turndown with a minimum capacity of 1,600. On the flip side, the MUZ has much lower moisture-removal capacity than the SUZ( .6 pints/h vs 1.8).

Should I be concerned about the very limited heat modulation range of the hyperheat SUZ? It seems like it would end up being grossly oversized much of the heating season.

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  1. nexp | | #1


  2. maine_tyler | | #2

    I'll bump again because I'm curious.

    I notice the slim duct unit that also hooks to that ODU has similarly bad (at least on paper) min output. I am curious if those who advocate for ducted have any concerns with performance from a modulation standpoint.

    Maybe the importance of low-end modulation has somehow been overblown, but from what I've gathered, it is important in those shoulder seasons and other low load days. So why opt for anything other than a 1:1 wall head if we're losing all that modulation capability?

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