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Mitsubishi Split and external thermostat

Matic | Posted in General Questions on

I’ve installed a Mitsubishi Split system (MSZ-FH25) in my sunroom. The temperature never reach the desired setpoint (because warm air raises to the top of the sunroom where the unit is installed). I would like to use wall mounted Nest thermostat and PAC-US444CN-1 Thermostat Interface to control it. However I would like to know if I would still be able to control vane directions and air purifier on my handheld remote control?  Will i still be able to use i-see sensor so the air flow avoid people in the room?



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  1. john_m1 | | #1

    I would get a real thermostat from Honeywell. They make thermostats with wireless sensors and even sensors to detect outside temps. They are in the $200-300 dollar range. Maybe I shouldn't criticize the Nest, but the pro techs tend not to like them. I don't think they are very robust, and why would you want to tell the internet how you have your thermostat set and when you are using the unit?

    1. Matic | | #2

      Hi, thanks for the reply.
      Regardless of the brand of the thermostat I get, i am interested in which features of my FH sensor and control I lose when I connect the PAC-US444CN-1 (if any) and if i will still be able to control some feature of the unit itself using the handheld remote control.

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