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NEW mini-split from Mitsubishi…is it here?

kenorakq | Posted in Mechanicals on

I read here (I think……could be wrong though since I have been everywhere on the net looking for answers before I settled here).. that Mitsubishi was going to release a multi-head ASHP this year (2015) that is still efficient to -25c in an effort to tap into the US residential heating market.
Is it here? Is it coming?

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  1. user-626934 | | #1

    Yes, the MXZ-C series...I hear product will be available in the next 4-6 weeks.

    While it's a good move on Mitsubishi's part, there's nothing revolutionary about the product. Mitsubishi has offered their "Hyper-heat" units in single-splits for several years now. It's just an extension of the Hyper-heat performance into their multi-split lineup.

  2. Dana1 | | #2

    The single-head MSZ/MUZ-FHxxNA units have been out for about a year now, providing an incremental efficiency improvement over the -FExxNA Hyper Heating units. I look forward to seeing how well the MXZ-C multi splits work out in practice.

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