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Opinion on LG HVAC Systems

mpd_architect | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Wanted to get some feedback on LG HVAC Systems.  Specifically I am building a new 2700 SF 2 sty home on the Delaware Coast.  I am installing a small forced air heat pump system for each floor.  My HVAC contractor is suggesting an LG vertical AH unit (indoor unit LVN241HV4 / Outdoor LUU249HV Cooling SEER/EER 19.5/12  Heating HSPF 11).  The units are reasonably priced compared with similar Mitsubishi systems.  Any feedback on the LG units is greatly appreciated.

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  1. DirkGently | | #1

    I will chime in on this old post as it may help someone.
    I have an older version 2014/15? of the same unit. My only problems were lack of support. The manuals back then were terrible and trying to figure how to use remote thermostat for 1 mini head and the air handler was very difficult.
    No breakdowns from mechanical failures.
    Little noisey since i mounted to foundation.
    I used air handler exclusively for AC (and back up heat) My ducts are not zoned...and most are mounted in 8'-4" ceiling so do not heat very well. The mini head is in garage shop and is excellent.

    Price was great.
    I would consider another one on new house based on its reliability.

    I took an LG class and ended up installing it myself because my HVAC friend (who owed me a favor) turned out to be a complete hack. That left me with hiring a few "diamond certified" LG companys who scratched there heads on my air handler questions they had never seen one before and did not want to like i said zero available support for DIY install.

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