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Panasonic Intellibalance 100 DIY Install

jross993 | Posted in General Questions on

Hey guys, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this site regarding ERV’s and decided on the new Panasonic Intellibalance with boost function. Just finishing up a gut job remodel, details on my house: built in 1978, 1550 sq ft one level ranch 3 bed, 2 bath with full unfinished basement, open cell spray foam on the roof sheathing in attic and in the 2×4 walls. Carrier heat pump with duct work in the basement. I’m doing a DIY install and just had some specific questions that I couldn’t find answers to. The ERV will be mounted in the attic with dedicated duct work, planning on 6″ insulated flex duct to the outside through a gable end for exhaust/intake. 6″ galvanized for stale air/fresh air pick ups, stale air from open kitchen/dining room and 2 bathrooms, fresh air to living room and 3 bedrooms. I’m planning to mount the unit centrally in the attic above one of the bathrooms.

Is it best to keep the unit closer to exterior wall for short runs outside? If I mount it above the bathroom its 18′ from exterior wall. If I keep it close to the exterior wall my concern is noise, it will be directly above my bedroom or by daughters’ bedroom. For those who have this unit, how quiet is it?

Are there any 6″ concentric vent kits that work with these units? It would be nice to only have to poke 1 hole through the wall. 

Any recommendations for ceiling registers? I’m looking for round adjustable ones. 

Are there any wall controllers/ boost switches that are compatible with this unit? Or just use a wall switch for boost?

Thanks for the help, this site is amazing.


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  1. Trevor_Lambert | | #1

    Shorter runs to the outside is best. I'd be surprised if noise was an issue, if you are careful with the install. Ideally free hanging from the roof deck; isolated in some way from the ceiling below.

    Pass on the concentric vent. Most ERV manufacturers recommend at least 6' separation (preferably 10') between intake and exhaust for good reason.

    You can get ceiling registers for 5" and 6" round duct from Home Depot.

    Having said all that, I think 100cfm is undersized for a 3 bedroom house.

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