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QuFresh vs. AirCycler – similar but different?

jay443 | Posted in General Questions on

Trying to figure out how to get better ventilation in my house in Minnesota. I’ve been looking at an ERV installation but I’m also contemplating the AirCycler or QuFresh, but I’m a little confused about the pros/cons of the latter two. 

It seems that a big downside of the AirCycler is that it requires integration into the furnace fan motor. (I have a high eff furnace with ECM). It also doesn’t have any energy exchange or control limit on what type of air it lets in. 

The QuFresh fan interests me for the reason that it’s much cheaper than an ERV and it does not require integration into my HVAC system. What would be the best place to place the outlet duct ? – a large living area? 

Is there any big pitfall that I should consider with either system? 


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