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Remodeling a what is basically a shell- good but not expensive optikns

user-6758344 | Posted in General Questions on

We have a structure near Jefferson City, Missouri. We want to rehab it, possibly for rental or family use, so we will be paying for it cash as we go, so can’t afford to put spend money unnecessarily, but don’t want to build a bad or risky structure. It is 44’x28’ ranch, all one level and simple rectangle shape. It is on a 3’ poured concrete foundation crawl space that is currently vented. It is 2×4 exterior studs, and the roof trusses are also 2×4. The entire inside is gutted ( it had lots of mold) and we will be replacing the exterior siding as well, and the roof needs replaced and some of the roof decking as well. Most of the OSB on the walls seems ok, though will need to replace a few. And we’ll have to replace some interior floor decking as well and maybe a few dollar hoist and rim hoist sections. There is adequate room for ceiling insulation in the center, but where the walls meet the trusses will be an issue- not much room there at all. We will probably go with mini split HVAC units. Missouri is hot and humid in the summer but does get cold winters.
So, it’s basically a blank slate. What suggestions do you have to build this house to work right? The foundation is great, so are keeping that. I don’t want to tear it down unless that makes the most financial sense, because as is we can do a lot of work ourselves. Should we plan on replacing the trusses? We wouldn’t probably go with a metal roof, so that may play into things. Would steel siding cause moisture problems or should we not even consider that?
Thanks for your help.

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Brenda, your question may be too broad to get a good answer here. I suggest starting by reading the articles here:, and come back with more specific questions.

    Also, search on GBA for "Pretty Good House" and see if that seems like the kind of approach you'd like to take.

    You might consider hiring a design professional to help you through the initial stages.

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