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Ridge vent question

jpcjguy | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hi Everyone,

I posted a while ago about insulating my 3rd floor attic room and will probably do the entire rafters and insulate the whole space rather than the “room”. I will need to replace the roof – it is original 1993 before I do anything. I looked at spray foam but considering the cost and inability for it to give me my required R38 I will probably do soffit to ridge venting with Roxul R23 in the 2×8 rafters and then do R15 in a 2×4 running perpendicular to the rafters. I currently have gable vents and will have to fill them.
So I have been looking at some neighbor houses and it “appears” they have ridge vents, but the vent looks like it stops 2 ft short of the roof edges. How does that work for the last 1-2 “bays”? Maybe it is ridge without insulation instead of gable vents? Therefore the air is free-flowing in the attic space?

If I ask the roofers to put in a ridge vent, I assume I have to make sure it goes end to end on my peaks since I will be doing baffles correct?


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  1. jpcjguy | | #1

    Oh - is there a ridge vent design that is better than others? Any to stay away from?

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