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Ridge vent clogged

jdclassen | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Inspecting an attic for insulation etc. and saw the ridge vent is quite clogged (the picture doesn’t really do it justice), as are the soffit vents(perforated steel)
I don’t recall seeing vents clogged this much before. 
Current attic conditions: Approximately 8-12” of 30 year old cellulose with no baffles or soffit blocking. Whole house fan, pull down steps not currently sealed.

roofer recommended a powered roof vent (insert eye roll here)

causes? solutions?
current plan is for sealing of the attic floor including can lights, whole house fan and an attic steps cover, but Skipping top plates since removal of old insulation is not in the budget for this client. 

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  1. Expert Member


    Your photo didn't attach. What is clogging the vents?

    1. jdclassen | | #2

      Looks like typical household dust. Wondering if it is from them running the attic fan.

  2. user-5946022 | | #3

    Whole house fan is almost never a good idea. What issue are you trying to solve with it? Does the house have air conditioning?

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