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Ridge vent issue

fall50 | Posted in General Questions on

Not sure what my options are here.  We removed the orginal sofit and unfounrnatley discovered the sheathing goes all  the way to the roof deck and therefore the cavity for the intake channel is blocked.  It would be a herculian effort to cut these out for bewteen every roof truss. 

I do have small screened windows for gable vents, which are closer to the attic floor,  however not sure what a reasltic next step is.  Cutting out the sheathing I am sure is possible,  however seems failry involved.  

Any suggestions welcomed

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  1. gtmsmith | | #1

    I recently made up my mind on kind of a similar issue. I dont have vented sofits or a ridge vent and only gable vents on either side of my attic. I decided that I will be installing a solar attic exhaust fan near the ridge and believe that will get some circulation up there on the brightest/hottest days.

  2. Expert Member


    A lot depends on whether the insulation inside the attic blocks the path of ventilation air, and whether there are baffles in place. If that isn't an issue, a 4' hole saw will make short work of that sheathing. Two hole per bay should be sufficient.

    1. fall50 | | #3


      I like the idea, however the pitch of the roof may prevent getting a a hole saw to fit in the cavity using a drill. May need to see if a right angle drill would do the trick.

      Could this be done from inside the attic (drilling the hole)?

      1. Expert Member
        MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #4


        If you could get at it sure. So much depends on how much access you can get to the eaves from inside. I agree, it's a nasty job either way.

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