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Running a Mini Split to Ducted system

Tunacity | Posted in Mechanicals on

I am working on a home expansion and have the opportunity to upcycle a large Mistsubishi heat pump that will cover all of the needs for the property.

The main level currently has a Lennox compressor and air handler. More capacity will be available to the air handler.

Will it be possible to adapt the Mitsubishi to the ducted system.

I will then have three upcycled mini split air handlers to use in the attic addition. And the garage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. EPMiller | | #1

    Your question is lacking in specifics on exactly what the Mitsubishi system you want to reuse exactly is. Without knowing more, if this is a standard multi-split system, adapting it to a conventional split system ducting system will not work. I just installed my first ducted multi-split system but they are not designed to be ducted like a standard branched forced air system. I could conceive of how something like you want to do could theoretically be done, but reengineering the equipment would be make a Frankenstein of a system that would be a maintenance nightmare that no one would touch.

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