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Shed roof to wall detail

user-1105327 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi everyone,
Does GBA have a flashing detail for a simple shed roof to wall intersection?
thanks again…

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  1. Expert Member

    I'm assuming a metal roof? Here are some details of typical conditions:

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    This flashing detail isn't very complicated. Here are a couple of more illustrations.

  3. user-1105327 | | #3

    thanks malcolm and martin. it seems like it should be a fairly simple detail. the shed roof is over a porch, i.e., not insulated, and is 1" standing seam. would i only need one metal flashing over the top of the seams?

  4. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #4

    Are you installing the roofing, or have you hired a roofing contractor? Any contractor who installs standing-seam metal roofing will know how to flash the top of a shed roof.

  5. Expert Member

    Erik, My preferred practice is to cut at each side of the ribs and turn up the roofing to the same height as the ribs to form an end dam. I get the flashing formed with a one inch return at the low end which I cut out at each standing rib so that it sits down on the roofing. You now have two layers of defence against water being blown towards the wall. Only one piece of flashing is required.

  6. user-1105327 | | #6

    that 'seams' like a good detail, malcolm. in the past, i have done similar but instead of cutting the ribs at the top to form a dam, i simply bend it up to form the 'breadpan', hence no need to cut.
    martin, i will be doing the roofing myself. i have found the gba often has details and suggestions that exceed normal construction practices, esp. when it comes to flashing.
    thanks again...

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