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Air-Sealing Tape on Rubble Foundation

sharptoothrex | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Can you use Siga WigLuv 230 with dockskin primer on a rubble foundation to seal zip r6 sheathing?

I was hoping to use the 9″ Siga to allow for a more bonding area to accommodate the unevenness of the foundation. Then a mortar coat over for a smooth finish to hide the tape.

I could not find a use case online

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    Rubble foundation is not easy to deal with. About the only ways to seal it properly is with liquid flashing on the outside or spray foam on the inside. Even the flex tapes will pull away over time from the uneven surface.

    If you are doing liquid flash on the outside, simplest way to hide it is to extend the siding down past the joint to cover it.

    1. sharptoothrex | | #2

      Thank you, Akos

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