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Stucco and weep screed

Bromike | Posted in GBA Pro Help on
New construction on wood frame here in zone 2 Texas. My stucco guys installed house wrap and 7/16 rainscreen behind the weep screed. On two walls stucco terminates in casing with weep just above where 3 foot of stone. Rainscreen and Housewrap continuous behind screed all way dow to slab. On third wall no stone but again stucco terminates above ground about 3 feet with  casing weep but HW and RS again behind screed it. ? Can my wall still drain in weep and behind it with RS and HW?   Or do I need to knock out and do over? I do have a hydrodry ez vent at top of wall for ventilation as well. Any thoughts appreciated.
mike C

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  1. Expert Member
    ARMANDO COBO | | #1

    I assume your wall assemblies were sealed and waterproofed really well before you installed the cladding systems (Stucco & Stone). Having said that, as long as your wall rainscreen is continuous from top to bottom, and it ends in a weepscreed and/or stone ledge with weep holes, you should be fine.
    Attaching detailed wall assemblies should help understand the issues, if you have them.

    1. Bromike | | #2

      I used sig 6 inch tape to flash osb to concrete slab. House wrap and rainscreen fit over that. So I wrapped house with solitex mento 5000. The bottom rung has built in tape. I then put stucco flex rainscreen at 7/16 of an inch. Then lath and stucco. First two pics of same wall stucco terminates ar drip edge and rain screen goes all the way behind to where stone weep will be. Back wall same thing only stucco terminates in casing flange with weep but rainscreen continues to bottom of stone wall. The next two pics of the other side wall - u can see on the side view the rainscreen. On the front pic of wall by the copper wire u can see the rainscreen coming out behind the flange with weep.

  2. user-5946022 | | #3

    You wrote "Rainscreen and Housewrap continuous behind screed all way dow[n] to slab."

    So water that gets to the rainscreen and/or housewrap will flow down per gravity. If it keeps going beyond the screed, there needs to be a place and way at the bottom (at slab) for it to drain.

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