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Super ThoroSeal/MasterSeal 583 as vapor barrier?

Gwisejr | Posted in General Questions on

I plan on coating the interior of my crawlspace with Masterseal 583. The crawlspace is going to be unvented and the builder is going to put down a 2″ ratslab on top of a 6mil vapor barrier and run that up the walls 6″.. I had planned on installing a plastic vapor barrier up the rest of the wall but I’m wondering if the masterseal 583 product will take care of providing the vapor barrier in addition to the water proofing. 

Walls are CMU’s. 

Any recommendations?

thank You.

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1


    Check out this article for details on creating a conditioned crawlspace:

    Please tell us where you are located.

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