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Tescon Vana Tape for Sealing Around Window Flanges

finePNW | Posted in General Questions on

I’ve got some weird window bucks that I’ve flashed with FastFlash. The cost of materials and application is getting a bit higher than I’d estimated, and now my contractor is hoping to use tape for the final flashing piece — which, for us, is sealing around the window nailing flanges and connecting our Tyvek Commercial Wrap “D” (drain wrap /sheet WRB) to the window flange and/or fast flash.

Is it a bad idea to use Vana to “seal” the Tyvek and/or the window flange seams? It seems to be sticking fairly nicely and I have a roll on hand (vs. Contiga, which may take too much time to arrive).

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    I think it would work fine but I'd check with the supplier ( to be sure.

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