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thermal imaging camera recommendation

stamant | Posted in General Questions on

thermal cameras are cheap relative to what they used to cost 15 or 20 years ago.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a thermal camera for non-commercial use? I’d like to use a thermal camera to diagnose my thermal envelope of my house and to see what progress I make with incremental improvements.

I’m a little opposed to getting one that would plug into a phone since I worry the app or phone connection will be obsolete/unsupported within the next 7-10 years or so. 

I know I can rent one or check one out of my local library, but that’s less attractive since I ‘d have to do more planning.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

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  1. matthew25 | | #1

    Did you see this post by Randy Williams about a year ago?

    1. stamant | | #2

      thanks -- had not seen this.

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