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UltimateAir Company Status

airfix | Posted in Mechanicals on

Has anybody been able to contact UltimateAir since the beginning of the Covid pandemic? I’ve been trying to contact them for 6 months. I’ve left voice messages,  emails and used their web contact form and I’ve not had a response.

Did they go out of business?


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  1. Trevor_Lambert | | #1

    Check the last reply here:

    Seems like they're not operating at present, and the future is uncertain. I'd suggest that if they wanted to leave any door open for a return, it would behoove them to at least reply to repeated inquiries. To just ghost clients or even potential clients won't engender any good will.

  2. airfix | | #2

    Thanks for the link. It's a bit disappointing. This covid pandemic has been brutal and when we bought our erv 10 months ago I didn't realize ultimateair were such a small company.

    I've got technical issues with my erv. There is a mechanical dragging noise coming from inside the unit. When I pull the course filters the spinning disk with the spongy soft filter material is spinning very slowly and appears to be dragging on the Styrofoam.

    I've had my erv turned off for months now but with it coming to winter and the windows starting to get closed all day and night I'm going to need the erv for fresh air.


  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    I just reached out to Jason Morosko, vice president for engineering at UltimateAir ([email protected]). He responded:

    "Hi Martin,
    "UltimateAir is not out of business. However- it is not fully up and running. I am not certain at this time - if – Ultimateair will fully re-open.

    "We are trying to maintain parts/unit service on our 30 years of product in the field. No current new product sales until further notice. Covid took a toll on us, compounded by lack of sales leading up to.
    Jason Morosko"

  4. airfix | | #4


    Thank you for following up. It's a shame to hear of a company that makes good products struggling like this.


  5. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #5

    It sounds like they're struggling by trying to handle service work at least. If they're unable to get you repair parts for your unit, it may still be possible to get it running again. From your description of the problem, it sounds like you might have a bearing problem. Places like McMaster Carr are great for buying small quantities of oddball parts.

    If you've had a custom part specific to your ERV fail, that's a more complex problem to fix. If you're never able to get parts directly from UltimateAir, trying posting some pictures on GBA and see if anyone has any ideas. I've often had to repair legacy products for customers when parts are no longer available, and I doubt I'm the only one. We can probably all give you some ideas to try to get your unit fixed if you run out of options with the manufacturer.


  6. airfix | | #6


    Thanks. I actually have my ERV installer coming over to the house this afternoon to do some investigating. They are not familiar with UltimateAir and hadn't used them before my house so the tech was wanting to talk to someone at the manufacturer to get some knowledgeable guidance.

    I'll take pictures of anything that is pertinent.


  7. airfix | | #7

    Well this is really disappointing. Despite several emails from my HVAC installer and myself there has still been no response from Ultimate air.

    The ERV was new and installed this year and my HVAC installer is talking about ripping it out and replacing it with an April air single speed unit that no boost for my bathroom fans.

    I really need to get in contact with UltimateAir. Can anybody through this site email me a direct phone number for Jason Morosko or anybody else in the leadership at UltimateAir?

    This unfortunately could cost me thousands of dollars in replacing the ERV and booster switches we have in our bathrooms.


    1. rehanmac | | #8

      Hi Steve
      I’m in the same boat
      Let me know if you get any traction

  8. Jon_R | | #9

    Is there a specific question that someone here might know the answer to?

  9. airfix | | #10


    Thanks for reaching out. It appears the motor or drive system that turns the plastic piece that holds the pie shaped filters in place is burned out or the drive system is slipping. It hasn't rotated in months.

    Today I took out the pie shaped filter pieces to see if the retainer would rotate on its own. No rotation but I am getting the blower working and the bathroom booster switches are also working.

    I guess the pie shaped filters are something to do with the water separation part of the ERV so while I'm happy I'm getting fresh air in my house, I think all my humidity is going outside. Outside humidity is usually less than 25%.

    Here is my specific question:

    1) How do I get to the motors and drive system to assess their condition?

    The only access panel I have is on the front and that allows me to clean the rectangular mesh filters and the pie shaped filters. (BTW the filter housing for the rectangular mesh filters is either defective or poorly designed because they don't have any support on 2 of the 4 sides and hang down at an awkward angle not providing a good seal).

    There appears to be no other way to get to any internal workings. I have clear access to 4 out of the 6 sides. I have no access to the top and no access to the back panel (opposite the filter service panel).

    I'm loath to have to disconnect all the ducting and drop the unit from the ceiling to find no other access panels.

    Guidance or links to any disassembly manuals would help.



    1. TomDD | | #17

      Thank you Steve, the information is great. quick question do you know where to obtain ultimate air filters wheels pie. I am unable to locate the replacement filters. Again Thanks

  10. airfix | | #11

    Bump my specific question, see above.

  11. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #12

    I have no expierience with this specific unit, but I can tell you that the access path to motors in things like this is typically either through the side or through the filters (i.e. remove the filters and sometimes also the filter housing). There should be a way in there since blower motors are a common service item.


  12. airfix | | #13

    UltimateAir Update:

    I finally had a return email and follow up phone call from Jason Morosko. He was calling me on his own time as he is no longer employed by UltimateAir which I very much appreciated.

    It sounds like UltimateAir will cease to exist due to declining sales and what I'm sure are some management issues. It sounds like Jason is working with one of the other employees on their own time to get parts out to customers. Jason is the only one answering emails and trying to take care of over 15,000 customers.

    Jason provided a link to some helpful YouTube videos that discuss maintenance and repair tasks.

    Here is what I learned from Jason (just in case it helps any other customers):

    The plastic spinning wheel should spin at 30 rpm.
    It doesn't spin when the econo switches are on and the temperature is between 55 and 70F.
    The pies are the moisture transfer core AND the heat transfer core.
    On either side from the main filter access panel there are panels that can be removed for access to the motor and belt drive. He suggested looking at the relevant YouTube video.
    Almost everything is commercial off the shelf parts except for the motors which are UltimateAir specific.

    It sounds like 30 years of engineering are about to disappear. It doesn't sound like anybody else is willing to buy or take over their product line. Jason seems like he is doing what he can but ultimately (no pun intended) owners of UltimateAir products are on their own.

    I hope this helps anybody else looking for help.

    I guess over Christmas I'm going to have to dig into my ERV and see what the issues are.


  13. designthis | | #14

    It’s a terrible irony and a lost opportunity that UltimateAir bit the dust during a global pandemic where it’s been proven the merv 12 filtration saves lives. The fact that this company couldn’t turn around when there was so much need for their technology speaks to the failure of its management. The fact that they couldn’t even be bothered to write a press-release, notify their customers, or even leave a message on their answering machine that they are out of business—is an unforgivable cruelty. This company is dead. If yours or your customer’s machine falters, switch to

  14. twiebe | | #15

    I have just replaced my UltimateAir Recouperator 200DX. It was used for 5 years, and when I needed parts, it unfortunately occurred during the period of time they went out of business.

    I spent a lot of time seeking out the right ERV for my "near" passive house (meets all the specs but didn't pay for the expensive plaque!). My biggest regret is that I didn't get the Zehnder system to start with; it was definitely the best of the best at the time. Being in the centre of the NA continent in Manitoba Canada, I was hoping to be able to find a decent supply chain for a good system. Tough to find, and tougher to justify the high cost of shipping, especially if UPS is involved with their atrocious duty charges.

    Long story short (too late), I'm looking for advice regarding this unit. Do I use it somewhere else for a different function since the central motor is inoperable? Do I part it out, and where?

    Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks1

    1. charlie_sullivan | | #16

      Given that what failed on yours is that same as what has failed on others, I don't think that parting it out is much use. It's a shame, but it seems like the options are to hold on to it in hopes of somebody making parts and reviving the company, or to undertake a machining project to figure out how to retrofit a different motor.

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