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Suggested replacement ERV for UltimateAir DX200?

airfix | Posted in Mechanicals on

I’ve been having loads of problems with my 200cfm UltimateAir DX200 in my new construction. I think most problems stem from the fact that my builder was running the ERV full time after the house was dried in thus gumming up the inner workings of the erv with dust,  paint and who knows what. 

My HVAC installer is recommending that instead of trying to clean/ repair the ERV (no support for parts or know how from the defunct UltimateAir) that he replace it completely with a different brand.  This cost for the replacement will be a discussion point between the general contractor and the HVAC contractor. 

I’m looking for recommendations for an ERV in the 120cfm range with a boost option as all my toilet fans are through the ERV boost feature. 

Ideally it would have a similar size as it would need to be mounted in the same location in my mechanical room. 

What do you recommend?

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  1. twiebe | | #1

    I have just replaced my UltimateAir Recouperator 200DX. It was used for 5 years, and when I needed parts, it also occurred during the period of time they went out of business.

    I spent a lot of time seeking out the right ERV for my "near" passive house (meets all the specs but didn't pay for the expensive plaque!). My biggest regret is that I didn't get the Zehnder system to start with; it was definitely the best of the best at the time. Being in the centre of the NA continent in Manitoba Canada, I was hoping to be able to find a decent supply chain for a good system. Tough to find, and tougher to justify the high cost of shipping, especially if UPS is involved with their atrocious duty charges.

    So, I'm looking for advice regarding this unit. Do I use it somewhere else for a different function since the central motor is inoperable? Do I part it out, and where?

    I have chosen a new system. Not the best by any means, but will do the job I hope. It's a Greentek PH10.22 HRV.

    Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks

    1. airfix | | #2


      I just replaced my 200DX unit with a RenewAire EV Premium M. My 200DX is sitting in the garage waiting to be cleaned out for sale or as parts. One of the 2 motors is dead but the controller and everything else works. The unit didn’t even run for a year.

      Search my other posts on this topic. There was a guy on here looking for parts to buy. I’ll reach out to him when I have time to do so.

      I was also going to try the local classifieds and Craig’s list.



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