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What will fill in a gap between the porch frame and siding?

Cindy Bergaus | Posted in General Questions on

building screened porch on mobile home, where the frame is up against the home has gaps because of the siding. The insects will be able to come in. what can be put in there to seal it?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    The solution will depend on the type of siding, the skill of the trim carpenter, and your budget.

    If the porch is a permanent addition to a mobile home that is staying put, or is installed on a permanent foundation, the correct approach is to cut back the siding to the sheathing layer (vertically) at the areas where the new porch walls will intersect with your home. The porch studs can be caulked to the house sheathing, a vertical strip of folded asphalt felt can be installed tight to the corner, and trim will cover the gap.

    If you don't want to cut your siding back, and the siding has a clapboard pattern, leaving many gaps, these gaps can be filled with canned spray foam or caulk. This type of messy sealing can then be covered with trim.

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