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Wi-fi app to control minisplit systems

mcmodern | Posted in Mechanicals on


there have been a few different ways of achieving wifi / app / remote control of mini split systems, most all proprietary and quite expensive.

I came across one I haven’t seen / thought of.and couldnt find here on a search

instead of directly controlling the mini-split via wifi, this method is to directly control a third party IR transmitter, in line of sight of the mini split, by wifi/app.

the IR transmitter then communicates with the IR mini split receiver

So the app will then duplicate all the remote control’s buttons.

for example –[not affiliated] sensibo– which also has multi zone and scheduling options for $130ish

you still need one sensibo per mini split, but it also seems it integrates with alexa and google home.

or for remote wifi/app control– but not scheduling, they are a bunch of brands for $30+ or so

anyone using this method?

hope that helps

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  1. fourforhome | | #1

    Amazon has a selection of wifi to IR blasters that can learn the minisplit remote ir codes.
    But - If the house is well built and the minisplit is properly sized, a set-it-and-forget-it policy is better than toying with the control at will.

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