Fans and Natural Cooling

Breezes and Fans Can Keep You Cool

UPDATED 5/30/2012

Alternatives to central air conditioning

The principles of staying cool haven't changed

For thousands of years before residential air conditioning became popular people relied on a variety of strategies, including natural ventilation, to keep their homes cool.

These time-tested strategies still work. In temperate climates, they should be enough to handle all cooling and ventilation needs. In warmer regions, natural cooling can reduce reliance on refrigerated air conditioning equipment, which is expensive to install and operate.

Strategically placed windows capture prevailing winds and direct fresh air inside. Window selection also ...

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Mar 23, 2010 7:43 AM ET

Ceiling fans
by bobgurung

Natural cooling and natural ventilation are still widely practiced in rural areas but not in urban areas. But the countries like Nepal still rely on ceiling fans, because of the poverty line. Another main factor is electricity, where there is not enough electricity. So, people still depend on natural cooling, natural ventilation and ceiling fans.

Oct 5, 2009 7:29 AM ET

I guess this natural
by Michaelfernandes

I guess this natural ventilation is not really useful these days in urban areas where everything is crowded and tress are being destroyed due to heavy industralisation and we still have to depend on ceiling fan and air conditioners to stay cool.

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