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Green Building News

New E-Learning Course: Indoor Air Quality

Monica Rokicki-Guajardo teaches a six-part class on IAQ

Module 3 includes in-the-field examples of best practices for optimal IAQ

We spend 90% of our lives indoors, much of that in our homes. Even if well-known dangers like radon or carbon dioxide are not present, there are many other things that can make indoor air quality unhealthy. The good news is that with a systems-based method, we can achieve the conditions that result in healthy indoor air quality.

Learn how to approach design, construction, and maintenance in new homes and remodels, and how to consider existing homes, with indoor air quality in mind. This course includes nearly six hours of in-depth how-to video instruction, and downloadable learning resources.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to define healthy indoor air quality
  • Understand the cause and effect of common indoor air pollutants Debunk common myths about indoor air quality
  • Understand the role and limitations of common building enclosure component on indoor air quality Understand the role and limitations of common HVAC systems
  • Understand methods to assess indoor air quality problems and discover their causes
  • Understand how the building codes do and do not address indoor air quality
  • Learn effective strategies for indoor air quality control over the life of the building

About the instructor

Monica is founder and CEO of Better Building Works in Roanoke, Virginia. She founded Better Building Works to help architects, builders, and homeowners with cost-effective strategies for designing and building new high-performance homes, strategic remodels where energy-performance, building durability, sustainability and occupant health are prioritized, and with building diagnostics for existing homes. Monica is an experienced architectural designer with various building performance certifications, including LEED AP BD+C and EBO+M, BPI, and HERS.

For further details

The course is available beginning May 21, 2024 and includes access to six hours of on-demand video instruction with downloadable resources  for one year. The cost is $249. For an overview of each module and to register, go to Fine Homebuilding E-Learning Courses.


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