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Green Building News

One Couple’s Green-Home Adventure

Image Credit: Green Beginnings Limited Service Consulting

Using the “voice of experience” to explain the principals of green home construction Avrim Topel, a Delaware Realtor, and his wife, Vicki, say they’re familiar with the uncertainties and confusion that consumers – and even many real estate professionals – may struggle with when they start exploring the precepts, costs, and potential benefits of building a green home.

They built a green home for themselves, they say, and faced the issues firsthand. But the home eventually earned LEED Silver certification, and the Topels became green-home advocates in the process. They have since written a short book and produced a 25-minute video that highlights their experiences and the expertise of the builder, architects, and engineers who worked on their home.

Called Green Beginnings: The Story of How We Built Our Green & Sustainable Home, the book-and-DVD set is intended as a primer for prospective owners of green homes, and for any other construction or real estate professional looking for a consumer perspective on the green-home phenomenon.

The authors say they used USGBC’s LEED for Homes rating criteria to help explain the features and benefits associated with green homes. “Delving beyond the physical structure, the content also reveals the USGBC’s recommended integrative team approach to design and construction and exemplifies how consumers and professionals are adapting to change in the interest of health, the environment, conservation, and protecting our natural resources.”

The book-and-DVD set is available for about $60 through the authors’ “Green Beginnings Consulting” website.


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