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Shower Waterproofing

Watch remodeler Josh Oduin demonstrate how to embed premade corners and banding in thinset to waterproof a new shower before tiling.

Josh Oduin is known for his great tilework, and on his personal cabin project in Leavenworth, Wash., he’s getting an opportunity do some of that work for himself. Like in most jobs, the quality of the finished product relies on well-executed prep work. In this video Josh highlights the key steps he takes to prepare a shower for tile, including waterproofing the walls and building the shower pan. He’ll demonstrate how he seals the wall and floor seams with special premade corners and waterproofing tape set in thinset, and he will explain why he prefers to install the waterproof membrane on top of the concrete mortar bed instead of below it.


Josh Oduin is a remodeler based in Portland, Oregon.


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