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BS* + Beer

The BS* + Beer Show: Foamed Glass Aggregate

A deep dive into two manufacturers' products made with 100% recycled container glass

In this episode of the BS* + Beer show Archie Filshill and Teresa Loux of Aero Aggregates and Glavel’s Ken Mincar and Rob Conboy give us a full-picture view of foamed glass aggregate. The two U.S. manufacturers (the only in the country), explain their products and share case studies of various applications—from sub-slab insulation to backfill for highway infrastructure. We learn about the benefits of foamed glass, which include its ultra-light weight, excellent insulating value, and high permeability. They tout its ease of installation and compaction, saying it saves builders time and money (shipping being the one roadblock). We learn about patent-pending board products on the horizon as well as production-facility expansion plans. The market exists, and these folks are working to meet the growing demand. This is one green-building product to keep a close eye on—chances look good that it’s going to take off.

Enjoy the show!

Our next episode will be on January 6 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. ET. Allison Bailes will kick off the New Year with the topic of residential water-heating systems. Mention hot water and most people think of the water heater but water heating is a system, and the equipment that makes hot water is just one part of that system. We will discuss the entirety of the heating system with special focus on distribution, which is often the weak link.

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Allison A. Bailes III, PhD is founder and owner of Energy Vanguard in Decatur, Georgia. Like many in the field of building science and green building, he is multi-faceted: His academic credentials in physics (BS, MS, MST, and PhD all in that field) give him a solid foundation in the science that underlies buildings. What Dr. Bailes has become most known for in recent years, though, is writing the Energy Vanguard blog. In it he covers everything from building science fundamentals to HVAC particulars to big-picture topics like energy security and peak oil. His blog garnered Dr. Bailes an invitation to join Green Building Advisor, where he is now a regular contributor.


Kiley Jacques is senior editor at Green Building Advisor. Photo courtesy of Ben Bogie.


  1. john_prospect | | #1

    I really enjoyed these presentations. Fascinating potential to grow into a major product if they can expand locations.

    FYI, the youtube video cuts off in the middle of a comment at 1:11:19. Not sure how much of the end was cut off.

    Thanks to all involved.

    1. GBA Editor
      Kiley Jacques | | #2


      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'll look into it.

      1. john_prospect | | #3

        Thanks, Kiley.

        It looks like the full episode is now on youtube. Unfortunately, the link in the article seems to be broken now. Here is the link in the mean time, for anyone looking:

        I appreciated being able to listen to the last 20 minutes.

  2. russellchapman | | #4

    Merry Christmas Kiley, you're crushing it with these episodes!

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