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Acrylic Tapes and Fluid Applieds

Stockwell | Posted in General Questions on

On the small planet supply website, I caught this blurb:

The STPE formulation gives R Guard a smooth surface that tapes and most other products will not adhere to. This is important to know if you are planning on using a tape to seal windows. We seen this come up as a surprise in the middle of a project, so it’s best to plan on a system approach and use products that will work togther. 

I am curious if anyone has used any of the newer acrylic tapes with any of the STPE formulation fluid applieds??? I think this should apply to anyone using Zip Liquid Flash and Zip Tape in the same project. Huber talks about using the liquid flash over the tape, but I can’t find the opposite where the tape would be adhering to the Liquid Flash.

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  1. Stockwell | | #1

    A partial answer to my question via Huber tech support:

    "Yes, the ZIP System tape is compatible with the cured ZIP System liquid flash. When installing ZIP System tape over ZIP System liquid flash ensure the edge of the liquid flash is smooth and flush as possible with the panel to ensure the tape can lay flat against the panel and the liquid flash."

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