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Air Sealed Exterior Storm VS Interior Storm

Austin G | Posted in General Questions on

I’ve constructed basic storm windows using 1×1 wood and .220 acrylic sheet.  I’m torn on whether to install them on the exterior or the interior, my 100 year old window casings are the same size on both.

Most of what I’ve read talks of interior storms being air sealed, but I’m certain I’ve seen discussions here (Possibly from Dana) about sealing the exterior.  The windows themselves are reasonably tight and inoperable (caulked shut and weight sashes filled).

I have a few days off to hang them, and I just can’t decide which is the better option!

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  1. Austin G | | #1

    Shameless bump. Surely someone has some experience (or at least some knowledge) here? I’m going to start installing tomorrow at the latest, and I’ve gone back and forth at least 4 times on what would be the better choice.

    Climate zone : smack dab on the border of 4a/5a.

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