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Aluminum Door Threshold on Concrete Slab

jackofalltrades777 | Posted in General Questions on

Installing a steel door with an aluminum threshold onto a flat/level concrete pad for a garage entrance. Some installers like to “glue” down the threshold onto the floor but if it needs to be replaced/moved later on, it makes for a PIA to remove.

Since the door unit is a pre-hung door and the threshold is already attached to the door framing. Can’t the door frame just be screwed to the rough opening wood and the threshold installed “dry”?

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  1. Expert Member


    Yes. I'd put a layer of sill-seal or peel & stick membrane in between the two both to limit air movement, and because concrete and aluminum shouldn't be in direct contact.

  2. Chris_in_NC | | #2

    If you're using a sill pan, it will take care of the direct-contact problem, and provide a backdam for water intrusion. The sill pan gets sealed to the floor, and then the threshold could be "dry" over the sill pan, with some caulk at the interior side for air sealing.

    Choose your method based on whether bulk water under the door will cause issues or not. If bulk water is an issue, you'll need something with a backdam, or a generous amount of sealant under the threshold instead.

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