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Combination of Zip tape and Fast Flash for Wall to Brick Basement Transition

WilliamC | Posted in General Questions on

In order to seal the seam between my Zip board sheathing and the brick basement, I was planning on using Procoso Fast Flash (in my area it is significantly cheaper than Zip’s Liquid Flash and from what I understand they are more or less identical products). 

I saw a video today of a contractor taping the bottom of the Zip sheathing (not to the brick), just the bottom edge and up past the nails on the sheathing. Then sealing the gap from the foundation (about 1″ down the foundation) to a little past the taped portion of the bottom edge of the zip sheathing. In this case it’s a bit more like caulking a seam rather than paining on 4-5″ of Fast Flash. I’m wondering if there could be any issues with doing this. This would be significantly less messy for me and would save a good bit of money since the zip tape is much cheaper than the Fast Flash. I know I would need to wipe the tape in acetone first in order for the Fast Flash to adhere well to it but is seem like this should work to me. 

Thanks for the help.

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