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Seeking Opinions on Daiken Minisplit

FrankFulton | Posted in General Questions on

We need a 15,000-18,000 BTU/hr unit, and our contractor sees the below at auction. Do you have any experience or recommendations re: this unit? Thanks.

Condenser: RX18FVJU

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1


    Daikin makes good units, but that doesn't mean this is the best choice for your home. The unit specification should be based on an Manual J. See this article for more info:

    GBA might be able to provide more input if you provide your location.

  2. FrankFulton | | #2

    Thanks. We had a manual J which came out to about 15,000 BTU for our poorly insulated bonus room in CZ4. The unit I posted is 18,000 BTU (which seems reasonable for the space), new in box, at auction.

  3. user-2310254 | | #3

    You should post the Manual J results.

  4. FrankFulton | | #4

    Based on estimates of 6.6ACH, 0.35 U-factor windows (0.4 heat gain), R7 walls and ceiling and R10 floor, Manual J heating load: 14,682 BTU/h, cooling load: 6,739 BTU/h.

    Clearly a 15k unit would suffice, but if the 18k unit is at auction and inexpensive... ?

    Alternatively, seeking best bang-for-buck recommendations and model numbers.

    Thanks for any guidance.

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