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Air-Sealing and Insulating a Detached Garage

pchambers87 | Posted in General Questions on

Hello- looking to finish a detached garage in zone 5 and eventual mini split install. I am told to focus on air leakage and was thinking of having a go with air tight drywall install using gasket. My question is how I can best air seal for leaks in the floor which is already installed with subfloor and plywood. The garage is built into a hill, with unused stable area below the finished area… looking for advice on how to best air seal before installing vinyl plank. Removing the existing wood flooring is not feasible. Foam insulation is also not an option.., using fiberglass. Should I just caulk the floor seams? Should I use a taped 6m poly between vinyl and plywood? Overkill? Thx

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