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EcoSeal in attic?

Josh7447 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I’m trying to build as efficient of a house as I can on my budget and I’ve been watching Mike Guertin’s videos on attic sealing. Would eco seal in the attic be worth the $2,000 cost? Here is a link showing what I’m talking about . Additionally I’m trying to decide if I should have the exterior framing sprayed with the stuff or if it’s overkill. We are already using zip wall with liquid flas followed by 2″ of mineral wool? Additionally I will have a good gasket on the sill plate and 18″ base flashing over concrete/zip. Would the eco seal be overkill? Thanks as always! Josh

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    This video is promoting a specific brand of caulk, namely Knauf EcoSeal. It's one brand in a category called sprayable caulk. For more on sprayable caulks, see "Air Sealing With Sprayable Caulk."

    I have no particular opinion, positive or negative, on this brand of sprayable caulk. However, I'm a big fan of attic air sealing. Lots of weatherization contractors and home performance contractors do an excellent job of air sealing without using EcoSeal. For more information on air sealing work in attics, see "Air Sealing an Attic."

    It's hard to say whether an investment of $2,000 for attic air sealing work will make sense for your house. If you are contemplating any type of home renovation, it makes sense to get more than one bid if possible, and to investigate the references of the contractor you are considering hiring.

    One more reaction to this video: The narrator is misusing the words "toxic" and "nontoxic."

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