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ERV consultation/installation — who to hire?

Michael_Gr | Posted in General Questions on

My house is pretty air-tight, so during the summer months, when we run the AC/keep the windows closed, the air gets stale (higher CO2 concentrations). I think an ERV can help improve the situation, while maintaining efficiency. The installation would be non-trivial (likely involve cutting vents into the roof), and would like to hire somebody to either a) do the whole thing, or b) at least do a consultation to help design the system/break up the installation into work I can hire relevant contractors to do.

I’m having a hard time identifying the right type of company to to do this. There are many that do general HVAC services, but it’s unclear how much experience they have with best-practices for ERVs. Does anybody have advice for how to locate somebody qualified? What should I even search for? Thanks in advance!

FWIW, I’m located in the tri-state area, near New York City.

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