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HVAC Control System for Church

mgensler | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

I’m getting started with energy upgrades at our church which has multiple HVAC systems. It looks like we will be replacing the boiler with a new one and keeping the chiller. The building has a number of meeting rooms / classrooms that we would like to install cold-climate ducted mini-splits. These would replace existing split systems that have gas furnaces/central air. Are there control systems out there that we could monitor and control the boiler/chiller and mini-splits? Currently our boiler/chiller has a system that is at end of life. The rest of the HVAC have old programmable thermostats that people set to their desired temp and then just press hold. This results in that unit running 24×7 even though the room is only occupied a few hours a week. Worst case, I’d be ok with two separate systems — one for the boiler/chiller and one for the mini-splits. I’m starting to look at Daikin for cost/performance but open to other brands.

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