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Prosoco Fast Flash + Forcefield

SeanRyan | Posted in General Questions on

Has anyone here used GP’s Forcefield sheathing and used Prosoco’s Fast Flash for fenestrations? Curious if they work together.


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  1. Chris_in_NC | | #1

    I bought 2 sheets of Forcefield and made some informal test pieces with it, and the Prosoco seemed to adhere well to the facer sheet. I did some hand pull tests at the edge, and the Prosoco took the facer sheet off with it.
    I didn't end up using Forcefield though, because I really didn't like how easily the facer sheet could peel off the OSB substrate, so I was concerned about edge weather exposure (before taping or liquid flash) and if it needed gentle handling, etc.
    Almost the entire bunk at the yard had the facer sheet detached/curled at the edges, including the 2 sheets I bought to evaluate for my project. Not sure if that was a manufacturing or a storage issue, but it really gave me pause.

    The detached edges were really not fun or easy to use with liquid flashing products, as there was no great way to keep those facer edges constrained and keep the application thickness consistent (like painting over old detached/curled paint). I did a few edge areas where the facer was cut or ripped off (back to a fully adhered area) and that worked fine but then extra work was involved to also cover the exposed substrate.
    Clean cuts were no problem with the Prosoco though, and no different than ZIP.

    1. SeanRyan | | #2

      Thanks Chris -- I ended up buying some Forcefield and building a shed last week to test it out. I used zip tape for flashing -- but yeah, it the cut edges and fraying didn't instill a lot of confidence in the product.

      I think for the home build I'll end up using the Prosoco Spray Wrap MVP and family of flashing products over regular OSB or Plywood. It just feels more robust and thorough.

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